You have most likely observed that video has became an enormous trend on the Internet. If you'd like to be part of this and create an extraordinary first impression for your business, then let CHARLES THOMAS COMMUNICATIONS aid you with this.

Online videos have proven to help build business confidence and increase business connections on an almost face to face personal level. Our video service includes: video production, editing, scripting, file compression, encoding and uploading. You can even have a professional voice over artist and customized music on your video promos. We can also assist you with things like brochure style slide shows, using high quality photographic

images through to the full promotional video production. Digital technology today now gives video makers the ability to create a much wider variety of video styles to cover all sorts of budgets!

Please meet Ariel Avelino who is part of our team and who has been working in the film and video industry for a good number of years. He has been acknowledged by RAW in 2013, as the top filmmaker of Washington, DC. He has produced a wide variety of video promos and motion graphics content for businesses, non-profit organizations, and colleges. With extensive experience in both shooting for low-cost and high quality, as well as a strong background in post-production using the most advanced tools. This team of video professionals can deeply enhance your business. Our aspiration is to bring clarity, focus and edge to your business, for it to succeed and prosper in this intensely digital business climate.


Ariel Avelino

Video Professional and Motion Graphics

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“The beauty is that as companies get better and better
with video, they’re also making sales in the process.
This is what smart business and marketing is all about.”
Marcus Sheridan